Best Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

Since bed bugs have become more popular in previous years and are very hard to eliminate, they are a growing issue. Though hotels are number one on the list of bed bug problems, any public places could be a shelter for them. Luckily, there are ways you could use to prevent infestation of bed bugs in your house. You could prevent bed bugs by protecting your house, avoiding them while traveling, and avoiding materials that are contaminated. 

Bed Bugs 

Replace the Box Spring and Mattress Once Every 2 up to 3 Years 

Though this might appear like a really short period to have a mattress, in order to get rid of the issue at its source, it might be a wise move to take. It is very hard to get them out, know where the bugs exactly are, and tell how many are in there once they have gotten into the bed. In addition to that, bed bugs could stay in other places around the house. However, they are most frequently going to be in the bed.  

Utilize Protective Covers on the Box Springs and Mattresses 

You could keep the pests from infecting the base by encasing the box springs and mattress in a plastic protective covering. There are a lot of available plastic covers that are specifically developed for this purpose. These would be more effective than the normal mattress covers or sheets. Though you might already have cover on your mattress, having one to the box springs would increase your chance of preventing them. 

Frequently Vacuum Rugs and Carpets 

You should at least vacuum once a week. Vacuum daily if you suspect that you have come into contact with bed bugs. Only stop when you are sure that the house is clear.  

  • Failing to empty your vacuum cleaner could let the bed bugs spread if you do have them. 
  • Carefully dispose the contents of the vacuum in a bag that you could seal. You could then immediately get rid of it from your house.  

Utilize Essential Oils to Repel Bed Bugs 

There are a lot of scent choices for keeping away those pesky bugs. Therefore, you simply need to choose the one you love. Put six up to ten drops of pure essential oil to a tiny spray bottle that is filled with ¼ cup of water. Spray the solution in your home and on things you take with you outside. This includes luggage, backpacks, totes, handbags, and outerwear.  

  • Eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, lavender, peppermint, clove, lemongrass, and cinnamon are some of the essential oils that could repel pests.  
  • If you mix the pure essential oil in carrier oil, you could make an insect repellant for your body. This includes grapeseed oil or jojoba.  

Clear out your Clutter 

Your clutter would provide the bed bugs an area to hide. Also, it makes it simpler for the bed bugs to infest your house. If you cannot get to items or move them around easily, it is much harder to monitor for the presence of bed bugs.